2023 Nebraska State Fair Demolition Derby Points Series

 Nebraska State Fair Demolition Derby Points Series

2023 “Point Series” Schedule
Bone Stock & Old School Classes

Saturday, July 1st                         Cherry County Demolition Derby — Valentine, Nebraska
Saturday, July 15th                      Beaver City Lions Club Demolition Derby-Beaver City, NE                                  Saturday, July 22nd                     Webster County Demolition Derby— Bladen, Nebraska              Wednesday, July 26th                Phelps County Demolition Derby — Holdrege, Nebraska                   Thursday, July 27th                     Hamilton County Demolition Derby— Aurora, Nebraska
Sunday, July 30th                         Buffalo County Demolition Derby — Kearney, Nebraska
Friday, August 4th                        Rock County Demolition Derby — Bassett, Nebraska                          Saturday, August 12th               Seward County Demolition Derby— Seward, Nebraska
Sunday, August 13th                   Keith Hansen Memorial Demolition Derby — Deweese, Nebraska
Monday, September 4th      *Finale*  Nebraska State Fair Demo Derby — Grand Island, Nebraska


  1. Show Up to a Point Series Demolition Derby AND Pass Tech — 10 Points
  2. Make the Feature — 10 Points                                                                                                         PLEASE NOTE: If there are no heats and a “one and done” is run, you will still receive the 10 points and it will be counted as a feature appearance
  3. Additional Points Per Place in the Feature  — 3+ Points Per Place                                            EXAMPLE: 10 Car Feature (Total Points Per Derby)
    1. 47 Points
    2. 44 Points
    3. 41 Points
    4. 38 Points
    5. 35 Points
    6. 32 Points
    7. 29 Points
    8. 26 Points
    9. 23 Points
    10. 20 Points
  4. Run 5 or More Point Series Demolition Derbies in the 2022 Season — 50 Points
  5. Maddog (Most Aggressive Driver) One will be awarded per class per show— 10 Points


             Limited Weld                                                                                               Old School
             1st: $2,000                                                                                                     1st: $1,500
             2nd: $1,500                                                                                                    2nd: $1,000
             3rd: $1,000                                                                                                    3rd: $750
             4th: $500                                                                                                        4th: $400
             5th: $300                                                                                                        5th: $250                    

Trophies will be awarded to the Top 5 in each respective class

Nebraska Point Series Awards Ceremony will be held at the 2023 Nebraska State Fair Demolition Derby in Grand Island, Nebraska on Monday, September 4th.

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